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Energy Medicine / Frequency Medicine

Are you aware of just how much your physiology, dis-ease, chemistry, addictions and mental/ emotional patterning can be shifted by using energy work? It’s all about the energy; the frequencies that affect human physiology.

In Transformational Bodywork and BICOM sessions we will expand even further than basic physiology. We will work on past life memories, intimate encounters, the effects of your interactions with others and events throughout your life that are still encoded in your being. Known as ‘ascension codes’, they are waiting to be unlocked from within your body and DNA. As we work together to cleanse any residual dis-ease, we bring forth the life you’ve dreamt of, on all levels!

The Embodiment Program

and Genetic Recoding Process

Two life-changing Programs

Quarterly intake, limited numbers

Also available by Distance Healing

Cost: $720 for both Program and Process (Genetic Recoding cannot be completed without the Embodiment Program completed first)

Next intake is October 19th. Contact Kathrine now to reserve your spot.

What to expect

The Embodiment Program

Imagine going from stuck, disempowered and unhealthy to feeling clear and aligned, vibrant, happy, healthy and free!!!

This process will help you move through deep, core patterning that has held you stuck… in your life and way of living, in unhealthy relationships, in a negative relationship with food, with your body, with your choice of work, with how you handle your emotions, with negative self-talk… pick any of these ways of being stuck that apply to you!

Embodiment means knowing yourself more truly, so well that events and people don’t push your buttons so much, since you’ve not got that “charge” around things that used to get to you. There is a core of strength and peace within you, and yet simultaneously you feel more expanded with positive vibrations such as love and joy. Your knowing of what’s right for you… food, relationships, how you spend your time, situations, energy-enhancing activities is magnified.

And for those who are interested in the Energetic Aspects of this, Embodiment is the key. Embodiment of the new energies now raining down from above, from the earth, and most importantly, found within. The New Earth frequencies are an embodiment of Higher Self, of Soul, of Source. 

We are now playing not just “In the Field” but AS the Field. Working from the Heartspace, multidimensionally, expanded in a way that defies past paradigms of energywork. This catapults you into your truest sense of being ‘Source’. 

You will be accessing the full potential of your Akashic Records (your lifetimes of learning and unique gifts), bringing quantum healing through your Energy centres. Finally healing disempowered generational and multidimensional programming. Upgrading your connection to both the Earths and the Universes vortexes and light grids. Then accessing new keys, codes for incredible healing and integration.

The words ‘I Am’ become your embodied truth!

The 2 Week Embodiment Program includes:

2 x weekly 30 minute sessions (Face to face or Distance via video link)

4 x Meditations:

1. Trojan Horse – Unlock your True Potential

        2.  Empowerment – Become Powerfully Present

        3.  Release and Reset – Heal Multidimensionally

        4.  Embodiment – Expand, embodying your Higher Self

Cost: $240 ($120/session)


Genetic Recoding Process

Part 2 of the Embodiment Program.

Access incredible healing through Genetic Reprogramming, using Epigenetics, Trauma Release, and Generational healing

We all have an energetic Perfection Template. We are all perfect, and aren’t we more than ready to remember that, offloading limiting beliefs, emotions, and past experiences at warp speed! I believe that healing and recoding our DNA, along with the other levels of healing experienced in The Embodiment Program, brings us closer to embodying that template, and bringing momentous change into our presence on this planet, and in our lives.

Epigenetics is the concept that genes (which are inherited from your parents) can be turned on or off. This then changes the function of our proteins and pathways in our body. There are a variety of factors that can turn genes on or off: environmental, toxin exposure, diet, lifestyle, the chemistry of strong emotions and physiological experiences. With Epigenetics, we know that this actual expression of DNA signalling (turning genes on or off) can be inherited from our parents, and even from generations before. 

This means that our parents emotions and experiences (and generations before) were tagged and passed on to you, not to mention your own input from your experiences. This can affect how you interpret your own life. This can run your life, and you can become a victim to it, or you can heal, break, and remove these epigenetic tags! 

Imagine being Healthy – and free of Generational Trauma!

The 4 Week Genetic Recoding Process includes:

4 x weekly 30 minute sessions (Face to face or Remote via video link)

4 x Meditations:

1. Healing Family Patterns

        2.  Healing for your next Generation

        3.  Activating your Spiritual DNA

        4.  Embodying your new Life

Cost: $480 ($120/session)



Kylie T

“I was experiencing stubborn inflammation & felt constrained, the inflammation which was present for several months prior noticeably resolved throughout the period”

“If this program resonates with you at all, jump in and enjoy all that unfolds”


Sonja S

“I felt like I had reached a plateau in my growth and development and the program felt like it would be able to help me move past my current blocks. I had gut issues and issues around self acceptance, belief in me and that it was ok to be fully in my power”

“I now have more confidence generally and with my clients, and a sense of freedom to be myself. I’m not afraid of making mistakes. My posture has changed and my gut issues have diminished”

“I loved how easy and short the process was, and painless. Even though the process works on an energetic level, the changes are as much physical and material as they are energetic and mental”

“I highly recommend it. It fully supports you where you are at in the moment and very gently and efficiently helps you move through to where you want to be – whether that is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual”


Katherine W’s Story

I was in turmoil and felt a need for an appointment with Kathrine. It was during this appointment, when I felt utter relief and embodiment that she encouraged me to think about the program. Every cell in my body said “yes!”.

At the time I was experiencing fear fear and more fear. Self doubt and self flagellation. A disconnection from self, and hence the concerns of parenting were overwhelming and I found it so difficult to find clarity.

I loved the way it is weekly. I loved knowing that I would be checking in with Kathrine again when feelings of despair would come up. 

During the Genetic Recoding sessions I appreciated the way Kathrine encouraged me to answer the questions, instead of telling me what the energy is doing. This made me tune in more and trust myself a little more with each session, and discover feelings and sensations were not imaginings. The gene expression details were extensive and very helpful to review and relate to what I’m experiencing in my body. But I love how these related to trauma that Kathrine can shift with me so very easily. And I feel she intended this program to empower me and equip me going forward in my life to do this sort of healing myself. But when I got confused she was there to offer clarity. 

When she gave words to the sensations, gosh, to have words given to inner pain is such an incredible experience – to feel validated, understood and accepted in just one sentence!!

I learnt that sensations I’m feeling *are* energies moving/not moving and to listen to these sensations. (Before I would have dismissed them as just imaginings). I experienced inner calm. For most of the session I was in calm. So incredible amongst the apparent “stress” of daily solo parenting life. And with each session the path to finding this calm myself became clearer and clearer. And I learnt with my own intention I can heal myself and find embodiment on my own. A gift that will stay with me for the rest of my life and my childrens’. 

As a result, big parenting issues have resolved, with no extra mental effort, just purely finding inner calm within myself. They resolved better than I could have imagined. Daily life feels easier. Less balancing other people’s’ expectations/drama/influence. And just moving forward with calm and trust.

So if you feel cared for by Kathrine in your other sessions then absolutely do this Program. She can dive deeply into what is holding you back from experiencing peace within yourself and truly heal and shift things that are NOT serving you and your children. My whole family has benefited from these weekly sessions – both in the calmness of me as a mother but also things have physically shifted as well in truly amazing ways. To clear generational issues and know my children will be free from these too is such a gift! No words can describe being able to finally find calm within myself and now be able to teach my children to find this too.


Caroline T

“I’ve been trying to heal from emotional trauma and physical ailments for years. I had identified patterns in my thought processes and beliefs that I was repeating even though I wasn’t happy with the results and I was struggling to change. I have autoimmune conditions and hormonal imbalances along with other physical conditions directly related to long term stress and emotional trauma specifically from bullying”

“I loved the feeling of connection to myself, my higher self and everything around me. I enjoyed learning practices to be able to heal myself energetically – hopefully before something more can manifest physically. I felt energy shifting within my body during the sessions and always finished feeling joyful, connected and in balance”

“I’ve learnt to recognise what’s mine and not mine – emotionally speaking. This has been really difficult for me in the past as I’m very empathetic so it’s very helpful to see clearly in the moment”


Joshua M’s Story

“My decision was easy, after one session with Kathrine and walking away more connected and grounded in my own body. Making the decision to do the Program and Process was easy and so worth while. Also she’s a beautiful human.

Some of the biggest health and life challenges I was able to face and address with the help of Kathrine were fear, guilt and lack trust and love in self. I went through life with a heavy weight on my shoulders and a thick slug in my heart.

What surprised me was the amount of sh#t I’d accumulated from others and my past. Yes I used shi# because it was stuff that my body was holding on to that I needed to release.

I learnt how to notice the subtle changes in my body and the energy around me, how to self heal and connect to my higher being. I’m now able to move and act from Love. My ability to focus on the things that were light so much has changed so quickly for the better.

Every Part was amazing, she’s insanely talented and gifted how she walks you through the whole treatment and explained what happening in the moment is really helpful. It’s going be life changes, and challenging. It has to come out through emotions. Give your self time to heal. It’s really rewarding seeing how much one can change.

Before starting my body and brain were really discombobulated. Now however I can function with ease and grace. I love life and learning like never before. I’m a new person!”


Dawn M

“I could feel the energy flow moving around my body and a sense of calm, completeness and balance. I learnt I had the ability to breath light and energy into different parts of my body as a release and to reground and rebalance”

“I did not anticipate that I could heal myself in the way that the program and Kathrine taught me”


Energetic work and non-manipulation Chiropractic

30 min $120. 15 min $85 ($85/50 Concession)

New Client $150

Also available by Distance Healing using Telehealth.

What to expect

In Transformational Bodywork sessions we use various techniques to expand even further than basic physiology. We will work on past life memories, intimate encounters, the effects of your interactions with others and events throughout your life that are still encoded in your being. Known as ‘ascension codes’, they are waiting to be unlocked from within your body and DNA. As we work together to cleanse any residual dis-ease, we bring forth the life you’ve dreamt of, on all levels!

Sessions may include utilising a framework for chiropractic (called BioGeometric Integration) that finds patterns within your physical body that are ready to be healed, released, integrated into the magic of your entire being, combined with a range of techniques using hands-on energy healing,  toning through the body with sound, quantum field techniques, and always working with your Higher Self.


More about Toning and Sound Healing

Vocal toning is an incredibly powerful practice that allows the fine-tuning of our greatest vibrational instrument: our own body. It means using voice to harmonise and balance your cells, tissues, and energetic pathways.

Every organ, tissue, and cell has its own vibration which, when in harmony, creates the most wonderful symphony imaginable, the human body.

If disharmony arises or a break in the unfolding of the vibration occurs, there develops a loss of wholeness leading to discomfort and disease.

With the right sounds, disharmony in your physiology can be corrected, and then aligned with the vibrations that can help you heal, grow and change. You are then immersed in the tones that promote health, healing, happiness, and vitality. They allow your cells and even your DNA strands to repair themselves, bringing about spiritual enhancement.


More about BioGeometric Integration (BGI)


If you take a look at how the universe is designed there is a beautiful order, a beautiful geometry to life. Whether we look at the spirals in a sea shell or the fractal nature of trees, we can see a geometry.

“Imagine a world where working with your own embodied geometry brings out your infinite potential”

Science has already recognised that using a framework of breath and awareness you can gain insight into the patterns of stress (dis-ease) you have experienced and how it is impacting your body, mind, and life. A deeper understanding of your self and your body’s own healing capacity (ease) is thus regained.

Bio-Geometric Integration incorporates principles of physics and quantum mechanics in its understanding of the body’s state of ease and dis-ease. Quantum physics has shown that we are a multitude of synchronized, organized frequencies. 

In other words, we are a musical symphony physically manifested and walking around on earth.

When we integrate an experience of life we’ve simply added another note to the music that we are. If our system can’t cope with the experience then the note is stored in the body as a foreign or dissonant tone. It’s like the experience of playing a song out of tune. The dissonance of the tone distorts the body’s natural geometric structure and alignment. It causes tight muscles, misaligned vertebrae, and tension on the nerve system (and then dis-ease).

In BGI, the person becomes aware of this dissonance and able to release the potential stored energy, giving the system a second chance to integrate the original experience. Thus bringing out your infinite potential… embodying your geometric perfection.

By using a light touch the layers of soft tissue, muscle, bone, organ, cells, and the energy active in all those layers can be finely felt. In the BGI framework, it is when the practitioner can resonate with these dissonant tones that the client can find the healing from within.

“In the moment of the adjustment, two become one and a synergistic flow begins toward growth and evolution. The power and creativity of nature are unleashed, awakening us to the realisation that the adjustment is alive and dynamically in motion” – SUE BROWN, D.C, Founder of BGI


Regarding Remote Healing

There is no difference in effect between In-Person or Distance sessions when it comes to these types of Healing, as it is a quantum modality. Distance disappears, and we become one with everything.

Everything going on in your life can be decoded & healed

The Healing Process

By learning skills, utilising new tools, and developing awareness in our sessions, you will become increasingly able to express your soul and vision, through a beautifully functioning body.

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