truly individualised healing

You are already Whole, Complete, and Perfect.

Let’s heal any part of you that has forgotten that!


I am here for you. I see you. You are more than you realise

Your words assimilate your story and I feel your yearning for change.

Lets journey together, past your outer existence. We sit in the seat of Source awaiting the cue as the physical and energetic open for realignment, retraining, for true balance. This is the gateway to healing.

My Practice is Embodied Alchemy™. Embody your highest potential.


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A Spiritual Perspective in a Physical World

I see the human body as a wondrous vehicle for the expression of your soul. Every nuance – be it physical symptoms, biochemical changes, emotions, or mental patterning…EVERYTHING is a form of communication of your soul.

The aim of each transformational bodywork session is to recognise where you are in this moment, decipher the messages from your soul, then enable you to take the next step in your journey. This might be learning how to release stress. This will commonly range from needing to fully experience a symptom or emotion in order to move ‘through’ it, to releasing a symptom or emotional ‘baggage’. From recognising how isolated you, or a body part is, to connecting to the divine within you or expanding to a greater consciousness.

Imagine your relationship with your body growing until you know why you have a symptom, what is behind is, and what needs to be done about it…with your body becoming more finely-tuned, a higher expression and vibration of soul embodiment. I believe that is part of the joy of this existence!

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The human body is a wondrous vehicle for the expression of your soul

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